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The German “Lebensmittel” commonly translated as “food” stands for “means of life”.  I love this expression because it implies that food is “what makes us live”.

For hundreds of thousands of years our ancestors were searching, later cultivating food that guarantied them a palatable existence.

In recent history and following the tendencies of a fierce industrialization, mankind has created imbalances in nature and in the way it nourishes itself.

Soils disappear through erosion; agricultural products are disequilibrated as a consequence of imbalanced mineral fertilization and full of synthetic components from the use of insecticides, herbicides and fungicides.
Animals are filled with antibiotics, hormones and beta blockers.

… and the health systems are in financial crisis globally because of the lamentable decline in human health.

I write about “Life Food Design”, share recipes for healthy, energetic food & living and open up some less accessible knowledge to contribute to more equilibrium and quality in animal and human nutrition.