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It’s our nature to talk about everything important in our lives: men, women, sex, cars, houses, money, kids, … and food.
Food matters, it gives us flavors and emotions and it is almost omnipresent, at home, at work, in shoppings, city centers and suburbs, villages and rural areas.
Before the industrialization era, food was even the most important occupation for the entire human race. People were collectors, hunters and later farmers, very few had special tasks in spiritual, health and defense issues.
Today we have still very profound emotions concerning food, but we are delegating its production and preparation more and more to the industry and service enterprises. That’s why we have lost our natural discernment over whether a certain food is good or bad for us.
Emotions are especially strong, when our doctor tels us that our health is in serious danger and when we don’t change our diet we will die from diabetes, a heart attack, break all our bones, …
The sweet, salty and sour dictated by the greatest industries and promoted through all the mass media determines what goes to our caddies and where we go to eat.

It is much better for us to change to: 

  • Food production is fun and involves most of us
  • Foods must be organically grown, livestock naturally kept
  • We eat more vegetables, fruit, cereals, nuts and seeds, less meat and chicken
  • Most of what we eat comes from the region where we live in
  • Small and medium size industry transforms food close to us
  • We talk about food and invent new healthier foods in function of the human body and not of the industrial profit maximization
  • We eat more quality less quantity
  • We fast regularly …

And we become healthier and healthier.